The Automation working group (AUT) consists of a partnership between employees from the plant engineering department (Prof. Dr. Schmidt) of the East Bavarian Technical University (OTH) at the Amberg site and the affiliated institute aia automations institut GmbH of the OTH.

For ten years now, current Research and Development projects by an international team. The focus is upon solutions for the smart factory that find practical applications in cooperation with renowned industrial companies. 

Our focus in the field of research and development

Industrial Ethernet PROFINET

PROFINET is one of the leading industrial Ethernet standards. It is distributed worldwide and has established itself as the market leader in numerous industrial sectors.

Smart Factory

Making key automation technology usable for medium-sized companies, in order to arm them for the new challenges of advancing digitisation.

Contactless transmission of power and data

Realization of inductive energy coupling methods and a plugless and robust data transmission with a high data rate.


Through transmission channel simulations, key figures are determined which depict special interference profiles in the industry in order to develop new interference-free technologies.


In the RaMagNostic research project, a diagnostic method for low-voltage switchgear is being developed that is based upon magnetic field measurement.

Get an insight into our practical work using the Industry 4.0 demonstrator video: