Based upon the results of the “KoBa” and “KoBus” research projects, an experimental contactless bus system was set up in the plant- and simulation-technology laboratory for further work and experiments. This is used, for example, in the automotive sector for testing the contactless charging of electric vehicles, in various RFID applications and in a contactless variant of GreenPHY communication.

“KoBus” research project

In the “KoBus” project (contactless bus system), a new type of contactless bus system was developed for the joint transmission of energy and data at the field level. The system based on inductive transmission should offer the already known advantages of contactless transmission such as high flexibility, low maintenance requirements and resistance to corrosion, while supplying a large number of consumers not only with energy but also with data.
Other topics dealt with around contactless energy and data transmission are the design and experimental setup of pads for charging electric vehicles, various RFID applications and the contactless variant of GreenPHY communication.

“KoBa” research project

In the “KoBa” project, the possibility of an advanced plug-free but wire-like backbone system for modular automation technology components was examined and set up as a demonstrator. The way in which this can be implemented for a decentralized arrangement in the field was also shown. For these fields of application, an efficient, inductive energy coupling method should be implemented as well as plug-free, robust and reliable data transmission with a high data rate but short range. The project was funded by the State of Bavaria.